12 ways energize creative ideas into action


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A life coach, marketer and 25 artists walk into a bistro. They all want one thing — To live a creative life with purpose aligned to their truest self.

After 2 hours of exchanging ideas, sharing fears and eating their weight in Doritos and cookies here’s what they’ve discovered are the ways of energizing creative ideas into action:

  1. Do not fear. And if you do, walk right through it. Fear silences and stops. Action cannot happen in fear.
  2. Walk in humility. Ask for help, seek counsel, build a team. No one does anything great alone.
  3. Follow the path of least resistance. Find the flow where opportunities arise. Notice the ease and move in that direction.
  4. Seek interaction. Find your tribe. Spend time with them and let inspiration ignite your passion to create.
  5. Find an accountability partner. Ask a friend or mentor to help you stay committed to your goals to stay consistently on your path.
  6. Do what you love. Be selfishly you, never compromising the weird and wonderful. Authenticity is attractive.
  7. Visualize the end result. Look into the future. What does it tell you to do today? Next week? Next year? Give yourself perspective to shift from dwelling in the details.
  8. Create space. Clear out what’s not you and use that framework as a filter for all future decision making. Only allow in what will benefit your future self.
  9. Believe. Doubt never got anyone anywhere except to stand still. Believe in yourself and you will move an idea forward faster.
  10. Be specific. What do you want? What do you need? Be intentional about what you’re asking from the world, because if you don’t ask, you don’t get.
  11. Teach what you need to learn. Talk about what you’re seeking in every day conversations. Find an audience and you’ll emphasize what you need to know.
  12. Practice being. Notice everything. Be aware. Keep your eyes open for opportunities so you’ll be ready to take action at any moment.

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