Tree of Life Mural's Media Mash Up


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To this day, the Tree of Life mural is the pinnacle of my artistic career and journey with God. I am ecstatic with the amount of press it received and the story we told of vision, community and God all coming together for something greater than ourselves.

The Tennessean, WKRN News Channel 2 and Nashville Arts Magazine all wanted to sneak a peek and find out what inspired the mural.

There were two stories in Nashville’s local paper, The Tennessean, news coverage on WRKN and an article coming out in the December issue of Nashville Arts.  To read the articles and watch the video click on the links below:

WKRN News Channel 2: Local Artist Designs Roof Top Mural in Downtown Nashville
The Tennessean October 27, 2012Local artist Beth Inglish completes 75-foot painting of sprawling oak tree
The Tennessean October 28, 2012: McKendree United Methodist Church celebrates 225 years

There are also many many photographs documenting the process of the community on my facebook page at, but here are a few of my favorites:


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