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Do you want to create momentum in the direction of your dreams? Do you want to carefully curate a vision that becomes crystal clear? Do you want to develop a new vocabulary of words that will speak life into your world and create new opportunities?

My new workshop has been thoughtfully designed to simplify the process of understanding and creating the life you want to live.

Through trial and error I finally found the answers and created this program that has transformed my life and my clients’ lives. It has given us the ability to connect to our vision and communicate it to ourselves and others.


“I showed up to Beth’s workshop with thoughts of what I needed to do with work, with my kid’s activities, errands that I needed to run, and on and on bouncing around in my brain.

Beth took me through a series of breathing exercises and within ten minutes of getting there I was calm and ready to do the work of the workshop.

Beth helped me figure out things that I needed to do for myself to gain more “space” for some of the activities that I wanted to do in pursuing an art career. I tend to want for everything to happen NOW and she helped me figure out strategies to slow down and know that everything won’t happen today or even tomorrow, but that each step is a process. Listen to me, “Take her workshop!”

– Mike Goodson

“Wow, I am so impressed with Beth’s workshop Access Your Vision Find Your Voice. Beth helped me open my heart to what was the most important to me in my life which then led to clarity of the business I knew I needed to create. Her gentle approach and ability to navigate through my random thoughts, was refreshing and just what I needed. I was not expecting my business idea to come to fruition so quickly!”

– Ashley Segroves

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Product Description

Private workshops are limited to 4 participants and are $297 per person. By the end of the workshop you will have a vision for your next steps, the words to communicate your vision and a planning tools to take action.

Looking forward to working with you and transforming your personal and professional life!


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