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The Music Starts Here


Feb 16, 2012 Music 2 Comments

Did you move to Nashville to get involved in the music scene?  Did you have a lot of questions?

If you answered yes to both of these, I’ve got just the website for you!

Music Starts Here is an incredible site featuring hundreds of videos from industry professionals with tips for songwriters, artists, musicians, technicians and other industry jobs.  It was built by industry professionals just for you!

Bill Medley of the Righteous Brothers said, “You really have to believe that dreams will come true and that this can happen.”  All of the videos on this site were created to help newbies in Nashville learn how to make their dreams a reality.

In many of the videos you will see the passion in everyone’s expressions as they give advice and explain the realities of the music business.

Rich Redmond, Jason Aldeen’s drummer, tells the story of how they started and worked their way to the top, from traveling with 6 of them in a van to today.

Rob Byus, Blake Shelton’s bass player, tells his story of how he and Blake go back several years and grew together to get to the top of the music business including the ups and downs of being a musician.

There is a lot here for everybody looking to be involved in the business in Nashville — so start your journey with this site, because the Music Starts Here.


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  • Doak Turner
    Feb 16, 2012 at 11:37 AM Reply

    Thanks Beth for your blog on my and Will Carter’s site. The idea for the site was “hatched” in a meeting at the Nashville Chamber of Commerce meeting with Ralph Schultz and Ron Samuels about how to help those that are new to Nashville and visiting Nashville for the Music business. The 300 video segments of pros giving advice are due to the kindness of the pros giving their time and knowledge and everyone of them at the end of the interview said, “I wish this was here when I moved to Nashville”.
    THANKS and we celebrate two years of the site launch on March 2nd.

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